About my work:

There are so many wonderful subjects to work with and I love experimenting with the richness and sensuality of oils in particular.  Each new subject seems to bring its own inspiration when it comes to style, technique and colour and I love the challenge of bringing something new to my work, not for newness' sake, but in the journey to investigate what might resonate with the subject. Sometimes simplicity and pure colour seems sufficient in itself and at other times the pattern of light, shade or solid calls out for attention and even the size or shape of canvas will affect the choice.


I have always painted  and have sold via Artweeks and galleries for many years.  I love painting Oxford itself in watercolours and pen and ink working in situ to capture the light and atmosphere and have also completed paintings for a book on London that came out in September 2014.  The oils are mostly painted in my studio, with constant excitement over new themes each year for Oxfordshire Artweeks.  The last theme was inspired by the sense of the warmth and beauty of the

Mani area of the Peloponnese in Greece, often seen from the shady interior of a local house full of character.

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